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Hot Potatoes or Moodle quiz?

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Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes

I’ve just got back from a training session with a group of teachers who, generally, have been ‘reluctant’  Moodle users.  Despite being enthusiastic about ICT in general, they have taken some convincing that Moodle is worth spending the time on!  However, today I introduced using Hot Potatoes to create quizzes and crosswords and they loved it!  By the end of the session they had all created at least one quiz, some with images and hyperlinks, and uploaded the quiz to Moodle.  This brought real meaning to the gradebook and how it can be used to monitor pupil progress.

Simple, easy to use and quick – surely just what the teachers need?

Making quizzes in Moodle, on the other hand,  can be time consuming and confusing, especially for users who are new to working online.  Alright, the quizzes can be shared across course, but big deal, a Hot Potatoes quiz can have background images!  Hot Potatoes runs offline, with the quizzes being uploaded at a later date.  This is inconvenient in that software needs installing, but it does mean things run quickly and smoothly.  The crossword, cloze procedure and mix features are very useful too, the crossword in particular being popular with students.

In case it isn’t obvious, I currently believe that Hot Potatoes, combined with the excellent Content Generator Scorm compliant penalty shoot out for fun, is the ideal combination for teachers to make online quizzes for Moodle.

I do, however, keep an open mind.  I am keen to see what Moodle 2.0 upgrades are made to the quiz.  I’ve also explored using the Word template for making Moodle quizzes;  I think it’s good. but not as good as HP!

Hot Potatoes is available from:  http://hotpot.uvic.ca/