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The positive impact of creating digital games

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Today, I was privileged to attended a workshop organised by Stony Dean School, entitled:

Understanding and developing the use of digital games as a pedagogical tool in the classroom

The workshop featured presenters taking part in ‘The Games Project’.  The Games Project is an action research, collaborative project between Sweden and the UK, funded by the Erasmus+ programme – more information is available from the website:

The ethos of the project is centred around ‘Maker Culture’ (Maker Education Initiative – Every child a maker –, following the assertion that if pupils are makers they are more actively engaged.  In this project, such making is facilitated by computer programming to create and play digital games (artefacts). Continue reading

The amazing Class Dojo

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Class DojoI’ve just received our ‘School Report’ for the year from Class Dojo.  The highlights include:

  • 17 teachers in our school used ClassDojo
  • 7 parents connected to our school
  • 25 Story posts
  • 1,628 moments celebrated
  • On Task was the most awarded skill

If you’ve never heard of Class Dojo before, it is an online tool for celebrating the success of your pupils.  Incredibly for such a feature rich tool, it is completely free, and can be accessed from a PC or using the Class Dojo app on tablets. Continue reading

Book Creator – from indifference to magnificence!

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When I was first introduced to Book Creator several years back, I have to say I was a little indifferent.  I couldn’t really see back then how it did anything different to other apps such as Keynote or Google Slides.  How very wrong I was!  Book Creator is now our most widely used app, and when used in conjunction with the accessibility features of the iPad (0r Android/Windows 10), it has allowed our pupils to communicate their thoughts in whole new ways.  It is intuitive, and really does make the best of facilities such as the camera and microphone which are built in to the iPad.

We use Book Creator for:

  • e-portfolios of computing work
  • as a teacher tool for recording evidence in, for example, Forest Schools
  • maths lessons, for pupils to take evidence of achievements that are ordinarily tricky to record, such as creating 3d shapes
  • science lessons for taking photographs and describing
  • creating comic books
  • mindmaps

…and of course….making books.   I put together an ‘Apps in a Flash’ video to showcase what can be done with Book Creator.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Link to Book Creator in the iTunes store