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Guidance for Primary Teachers on Computing

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NAACE and Computing at School have produced a very useful document that has been sent to primary schools across the country this week. Entitled ‘Guidance for Primary Teachers on Computing’, the document contains information on how schools can meet the statutory requirements for computing, and extend beyond them.  The document explores using a ‘pupil centred approach’ to learning, and encourages teachers to adapt rather than adopt any pre-written schemes of work. Continue reading

Algodoo (formerly ‘Phun’) now available for free!

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Quite possibly the most apt name for a piece of software ever, the software previously known as ‘Phun’ and now known as ‘Algodoo’ is now available for free!   This amazing piece of software allows 2D models to be created in a 2D physics sandpit.  Having such a flexible modelling environment is incredible for pupils exploring simulations and models at Key Stage 2, and it complements the Computing curriculum very well. Continue reading