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Show Me app on an iPad

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I have enjoyed exploring  the free ‘Show Me’ app on an iPad.  The app allows videos of the screen to be recorded, complete with a recorded soundtrack.  On playback, the user views an animation of all of the sketching and annotating that has taken place.  My example below is a quick demo of showing grid method; I have simply sketched the calculation, but pictures can be imported too. I can’t understate how simple the app is to use!  On completion of recording, the app can be published live to the Show Me site following setting up of an account, and the embed code can then be used in a blog or VLE such as Moodle, or the usual array of social networking sites. Continue reading

An Apple a day? Should we invest in Apple products in school?

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SmartboardA school that I work closely with is very shortly going to be upgrading its ICT facilities, and what a difficult array of decisions it faces, especially with a limited budget!  Currently, the school has a computer suite with seventeen PCs based around RM’s Community Connect network.  Teachers all have a laptop which can be connected to a Smartboard and a visualiser.  Teacher laptops can access the internet, but there is no facility to share resources via the network.  In addition to the RM network, there is also an ‘admin’ network for the small number of office PCs which have SIMs installed.  There are small number of PCs dotted around the school for pupil use, but the school was recently criticised for lack of use of ICT in lesson observations.   Additionally, the school has a website and an as yet unused Moodle VLE. Continue reading