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Art Gallery Course for Moodle

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Art Gallery screen shot

Art Gallery screen shot

Following requests for support from several primary school teachers, I have put together a simple Moodle course that can be used as an online art gallery.  The course consists of forums for each year group, allowing pupils to post to their hearts’ content!  Each year group also has a slideshow already set up, hopefully making it easy for teachers to add photographs or scans of pupils’ work to the files area and subsequently to the slideshow.

This course is intended as  a ‘whole school’ course, capable of running alongside the school’s art curriculum.   I believe that one of the key motivational reasons for using a VLE/learning platform in primary schools is the audience that the VLE generates.   With this course, pupils get a chance to post their work for other pupils to view.  Establishing the ground rules of forum posting is very important with this kind of course.  We encourage children to be critical friends – posting positive praise.  If a criticism is to be made, it can only be added after two positives!

Three years ago, I put together a very similar course entitled ‘Poetry Page’, simply giving pupils an area to post their poetry.  It is still in active use today, despite not being directly used by teachers.  Many pupils love to share their work, be it poetry, stories, artwork, or music.  Many pupils aren’t confident enough to share but can learn so much from the efforts of other students.

Feel free to download the backup of the course.  Any ideas for improvements – please let me know!

Link to a backup of the Art Gallery course